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Sodira's calcium carbonate is suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications such as mushrooms, alcoholic beverages, fertilisers, neutralisation of acid soils and shading of greenhouses.

certificado INSUMO CERTSODIRA It has certificates as inputs suitable for use in organic farming:

  • -Calcium carbonate, La Ofra quarry
  • -Dolomite, Monda quarry

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  • ÁridosMushrooms, strawberries and cannabis are grown in very humid environments causing almost neutral pH which leads to microbiological growths, hence the use of CaCO3 as a pH regulator. The addition of CaCO3 also maintains a micro environment with the right humidity, temperature and CO2 conditions.
  • ÁridosIn distilleries, calcium carbonate is added to obtain calcium tartrate from the acidification of wine residues.
  • ÁridosThe calcium carbonate produced by Sodira is particularly suitable for use in soil because of its grain size and the finer it is, the more quickly the calcium and its properties can be used. We also have calcium carbonate in grain form which allows its benefits to be obtained over a long period. The addition is between 0.8 to 2.5 tonnes per hectare.
  • ÁridosIn heavy clay soils, calcium carbonate has the task of releasing nutrients and achieving a basic soil.
  • ÁridosIn wet soils, the addition of calcium carbonate flocculates colloids, causing them to agglomerate and improving their structure.
  • ÁridosIn soils with an excess of aluminium, the aluminium impairs phosphorus uptake and translocation. The addition of calcium carbonate corrects this deficiency.