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Because of their properties, Sodira aggregates are recommended for a large number of construction applications, such as:

  • marcaManufacture of mortars, structural or solid concrete and prefabricated elements used in the construction of houses, bridges, shopping centres, tunnels, industrial buildings, etc.
  • ÁridosUse in sub-bases and bases of roads, streets, car parks, forest tracks and park paths.
  • ÁridosProduction of asphalt agglomerates for road or urban street surfaces.
  • ÁridosUse as gabions and rockfill blocks for civil engineering.
  • ÁridosFor constructing drains and filters.
  • ÁridosIn base layers for riding arenas and gardens or in lawn substrates.
  • ÁridosFor filling support layers, pipe beds and trenches.