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Manufacturing process

We apply innovative technologies in our aggregates operations to optimise and control processes, always in balance with the environment and maximising the prevention of occupational risks.

We are putting significant efforts and resources into implementing the fundamental principles and concepts of sustainable development in our opencast mining operations and processing plants.

Environmental, social and economic aspects are integrated in the various stages of extracting the rock, its subsequent treatment to obtain aggregates and transport to the consumption centres, offering the high quality standards demanded and working to improve, day by day, in the achievement of the set objectives.

Completion of the prior phase of geological research and the feasibility and recovery project for the area is followed by aggregates manufacture.

Aggregates manufacture

The conception and design of quarries, as well as the operating technique used, vary when it comes to extracting massive rocks (quarries) or dry or wet unconsolidated materials such as gravel and sand (gravel pits).


Voladura 1When it comes to exploiting massive packages (consolidated materials) , extraction is carried out by blasting with explosives for the controlled fragmentation of the rocky mass.flecha abajo

Gravel pits

flecha derechaExtraction of sand and gravel (unconsolidated materials) is carried out with mechanical extraction equipment (excavator, loader, dragline, bulldozer). graveras2flecha abajo




flecha derecha Transport to the treatment plant by trucks, dumpers or conveyor belts.

flecha abajo canteras04 flecha abajo

medio mediocanteras05mediomedio



flecha derecha Crushing allows the particle size to be reduced in successive stages, using crushing equipment for crushing and crushing: jaw crushers, percussion or rotary crushers, cones, ball mills or rod mills.
jaw crushers, percussion or rotary crushers, cones, ball or rod mills.

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flecha derechaThe aggregates are moved between the various pieces of equipment in the treatment plant by a conveyor belt system.

flecha abajo 04

Sorting with sieves where aggregates are separated by size.

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In the storage and dispatch stages, thanks to the highly automated manufacturing process control, quality products sorted according to grain size are already available and stored in silos or piled.