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Restoration of natural spaces

All Sodira's operations have an exhaustive ecological plan for the restoration of quarries that allows them to fully adapt to the environment in which they are located, sometimes restored using local agricultural techniques and other times restoring the land to its original appearance and even improving its conditions for future enjoyment.

The management of Sodira Iberia, S.L., as maximum responsible for quality and environment, has set an environmental policy based on

guaranteeing compliance with environmental legislation, commitment to continuous improvement of environmental performance and the prevention of pollution. 

To comply with the environmental policy, Sodira Iberia, S.L. controls all the environmental aspects generated in compliance with the requirements and current legislation, with the sector's own regulations and in accordance with the following operational policy.

  • marcaCommitment to maintain an environmental management system and to continually improve environmental performance.

  • marcaStaff training policy to promote the environmental awareness and responsibility of its employees.

  • marcaProvision of procedures for action in the event of a critical situation or accident that may have environmental consequences.

  • marcaGuarantee of compliance with environmental standards by sub-contractors working in its installations.

  • marcaUse of the best and cleanest available technologies of economically viable application.

  • marcaRationalisation of the consumption of natural resources.

  • marcaPrevention and minimisation of pollutant emissions as well as the production of waste, vibrations, liquid discharges and air emissions.

  • marcaSetting of environmental objectives and regular review of the environmental policy.

  • marcaCooperation with authorities.