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SODIRA's aggregates, due to their characteristics, are suitable for a large number of applications in construction, such as:

  • marcaManufacture of mortars, structural or mass concrete and prefabricated elements, used in the construction of houses, bridges, shopping centres, tunnels, industrial buildings...
  • ÁridosUse in sub-bases and bases of roads, streets, car parks, forest tracks or park paths.
  • ÁridosProduction of asphalt agglomerates for road or urban road surfaces.
  • ÁridosUsed as gabions and rockfill blocks for civil works.
  • ÁridosFor construction of drains and filters
  • ÁridosIn base layers for riding arenas and gardens, or in turf substrates.
  • ÁridosFor backfilling of support layers, pipe beds and trenches.

All SODIRA products for animal feed are characterised by their consistent purity, particle size distribution and low moisture content.


  • ÁridosProvides adequate calcium rations as required.
  • ÁridosAllows the manufacturer to provide complete nutrient mixtures.
  • ÁridosAchieve higher quality in your products.


  • ÁridosIt allows for a longer production period.
  • ÁridosGreater shell thickness, therefore greater shell weight.
  • ÁridosLower percentage of broken eggs and shell eggs.


  • ÁridosIncreased milk production.
  • ÁridosIncreased weight in growing animals.
  • ÁridosStrengthens the bone structure of all types of animals.
  • ÁridosPrevents calcium deficiency diseases.
  • ÁridosIt is increasingly used as bedding for cows, applying a layer of calcium carbonate, which makes the cows' bedding drier and therefore corrects the risk of mastitis to a very high degree.


SODIRA's calcium carbonate, due to its characteristics, is suitable for a wide range of applications in agriculture such as mushrooms, alcohol, fertilisers, neutralisation of acid soils and greenhouse shading.

  • ÁridosIn the mushroom sector, as well as strawberries and cannabis, mushrooms are grown in very humid environments, which causes almost neutral pH, causing microbiological growth, hence the use of CaCO3 as a pH regulator. In addition, the addition of CaCO3 has the function of maintaining a microenvironment with the right humidity, temperature and CO2 conditions.
  • ÁridosIn alcohol plants, calcium carbonate is added to obtain calcium tartrate from the acidification of wine waste.
  • ÁridosThe calcium carbonate produced by SODIRA is particularly suitable for application in soils, given its granulometry, which, on the other hand, the finer it is, the more quickly the calcium and its properties will be usable. We also have a calcium carbonate in grain form which allows its benefits to be obtained over a long period of time. The addition is between 0.8 to 2.5 tm per Ha.
  • ÁridosIn heavy clay soils, calcium carbonate has the task of releasing nutrients and achieving a basic soil.
  • ÁridosIn wet soils, the addition of calcium carbonate flocculates colloids, causing them to agglomerate and improving their structure.
  • ÁridosIn soils with an excess of aluminium, aluminium impairs phosphorus uptake and translocation. The addition of calcium carbonate corrects this deficiency.


The addition of calcium carbonate in the ceramics sector increases the mechanical and chemical resistance of the final product. SODIRA's calcium carbonate is characterised by its purity and whiteness, very low iron content, low humidity and very good workability.

  • ÁridosThe use of calcium carbonate as an addition makes it possible to reduce energy consumption in the production of bricks with clays. This represents a significant contribution to the economic and ecological sustainability of brick production.
  • ÁridosAlso, the addition of calcium carbonate can be a source of increased energy efficiency in the production of this material, while at the same time allowing an increase in the production capacity of the installations due to the reduction of the firing time.


In the glass industry, in addition to being essential for the supply of calcium, it is used as a stabiliser. It modifies viscosity and increases durability. The most significant characteristic is the low iron and moisture content, which improves the quality of the glass.


In the market of paints, coatings, adhesives, inks, calcium carbonate is one of the main additives.

  • ÁridosIn  powder paints, the addition of calcium carbonate makes it possible to obtain both matt and glossy finishes. This results in improved hiding, whiteness and stability properties. In addition to obtaining a higher covering power, it confers a high gloss. Our calcium carbonate is characterised by a low oil absorption, easy dispersion and resistance to external agents.
  • ÁridosThe fineness and particle size distribution affect the opacity of the coatings. As well as an improvement in the surface treatment which makes its particles hydrophobic, increasing their compatibility and facilitating their dispersion.

Soap and detergent industry

Calcium carbonate is used as a mineral filler to achieve high moisture retention, improve the consistency and drying of the final mass, improve the appearance of soaps and control the final weight of the product. In addition, it does not alter the physical and chemical properties of soap products, nor the viscosity of the mixture.