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Dolomite, calcium carbonate and magnesium (Ca Mg (CO3)2)

certificado INSUMO CERTOur dolomite is certified as a product suitable for use in organic farming.

Dolomite is a mineral consisting of calcium carbonate and magnesium CaMg(CO3)2 in which there is a substitution by ion exchange of calcium for magnesium in the limestone rock CaCO3.

In Sodira, the dolomitic mineral extracted at the Monda mine stands out for its exceptional properties which, combined with the careful transformation and storage to which it is subjected in each of our processes, make it one of our leading materials.

AF-0/1-T-D DB AG-4/12-T-D DB
AF-0/2-T-D DB AG-8/12-T-D DB
AF-0/4 T-D DB AG-12/20-T-D DB
AF-0/8 T-D DB AG-20/40-T-D DB
AG-100/200-T-D DB AG-40/60-T-D DB
AG-60/100-T-D DB AG-0/300-T-D DB
pdfDolomite, calcium carbonate and magnesium
Dolomite, calcium carbonate and magnesium (Ca Mg (CO3)2)
Dolomite is a rock consisting of calcium carbonate and magnesium CaMg(CO3)2 in granules of various sizes, white in colour and of natural origin. Obtained by crushing, grinding and subsequent classification of the rock.
Chemical composition
CaMg(CO3)2 → 100% dolomitic marble Strongly recrystallised white rock. Porosity-free. The exfoliation planes are clearly visible.
Chemical analysis
Medium % SiO2 0 Al2O3 Fe2O3 <0,1 CaO 39,6 MgO 0,24 K2O 0,02 Na2O 0,00 Mn2O3 0,02
Maximum % SiO2 0,24 Al2O3 0,14 Fe2O3 <0,13 CaO 31,59 MgO 21,89 K2O 0,03 Na2O 0,00 Mn2O3 0,02
Minimum % SiO2 0,08 Al2O3 0,11 Fe2O3 <0,05 CaO 31,33 MgO 21,87 K2O 0,01 Na2O 0,00 Mn2O3 0,01
General F-Q
0,06 % 0,1 % 56,14% 0,00% 12,91% 46,65%
Physical and mechanical properties:
Apparent density
2,87 mg/m3
Water absorption
0,71 % après immersion pendant 24 heures
Desgaste Los Ángeles wear
47 %
<0,5 %
Mortars ok
Fertilisers for ecological agriculture ok
Gardens and decoration
Packaging Big-Bag, sacks, tanker truck