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Calcium carbonate (CaCO3)

certificado INSUMO CERTOur calcium carbonate is certified as a suitable product for use in organic agriculture.

Sodira has high purity (>95%) calcium carbonate (limestone) deposits from which it sources a large part of its range of products.

The calcium carbonate receives an exhaustive control from the very moment of its prospecting, which continues with a rigorous selection of the material to be processed in the plant, ensuring a high richness throughout the chain of derived products.

The La Ofra operation in Alicante is an example of the careful production process to which this material is subjected, resulting in an excellent product that is mainly used for animal feed.
Fine granulates: AF-0/0,5-T-C AF-0/0,5-T-C AF-0/1-T-C AF-0/2-T-C Semolina
Granulates AF-0,5/1,3-T-C AF-1/2-T-C AF-1/2-T-C AF-1/3-T-C AG-2/4-T-C
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Granulates are calcium carbonates (CaCO3) classified in fine or coarse white/cream grains of natural origin. Obtained by crushing, grinding and subsequent classification of calcareous sedimentary rock

Grain size: Sieve 0,063 | 0,125 | 0,25 | 0,5 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Maximum Ask our Technical Department
Humidity: <0,5 %
Chemical analysis
Medium % Silicium 0,4 Aluminium <0,1 Iron <0,1 Calcium 39,6 Magnesium 0,24 Potassium <0,1 Sodium <0,1 Titane <0,1
Maximum % Silicium 0,6 Aluminium <0,1 Iron <0,1 Calcium 39,8 Magnesium 0,28 Potassium <0,1 Sodium <0,1 Titane <0,1
Minimum % Silicium 0,3 Aluminium <0,1 Iron <0,1 Calcium 39,1 Magnesium 0,23 Potassium <0,1 Sodium <0,1 Titane <0,1
General F-Q
Sulfates 0,15 %
Phosphors 0,1 %
CaCO3 98,5 %
Calcination loss 43,3 %
Heavy metals
Arsenic 0,58 mg As/Kg
Cadmium <0,5 mg As/Kg
Lead <0,5 mg As/Kg
Mercury <0,05 mg As/Kg

Product selected and treated according to applicable regulatory requirements (UNE standards, EHE instruction, PG-3 and CE Marking).

EN 13139:2002/AC:2004
Animal feed.
Especially for species such as poultry, pigs and cattle as a source of bovine calcium, as a source of calcium.
As an acidity regulator.
Packaging Tanker truck, sacks or Big-Bags.